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Dayr al-Qassi

Dayr al-Qassi' or Deir el-Qasi () is a former Palestinian village located 26 km northeast of the city of Acre.



The village was located 26 km northeast of the city of Acre, on a rocky hill about 5 km south of the Lebanese border. It was liked by a paved road to Fassuta in the north and Tarshiha in the southwest. The road divided the town into an eastern and one western quarter, or haras, the eastern quarter being higher up.[1]


The first part of the village name, Dayr ("monastery") suggest that the village might have had a monastery and a Christian population. However, in modern times the population was Muslim. According to the residents of the village, ancient artifacts from the Canaanite, Israelite and Roman period were unearthed in the Ottoman and Bitish Mandate period.[1]

In 1596, Dayr al-Qassi was a village in the Ottoman Empire, nahiya (subdistrict) of Jira under the liwa' (district) of Safad, with a population of 132. It paid taxes on a number of crops, including wheat and barley, as well as on goats and beehives.[2]

In the late nineteenth century, the village of Dayr al-Qassi was described as being situated on a ridge, encircled by fig trees, olive trees and arable land. It had a population of about 200.[3]

According to a 1945 census the village had a population of 2,300 at a time where the village was apart of larger town also containing the two villages of Fassuta (existent) and al-Mansura. The town was mostly Muslim but had a large Palestinian Christian minority. Its total land area was 34,011 dunums of which only about 8,092 dunums were built upon.

1948 and aftermath

During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Dayr al-Qassi was defended by the Arab Liberation Army but was defeated by Israel during its offensive Operation Hiram on October 30, 1948. The town's residents were expelled on May 27, 1949 and most migrated north into Lebanon.

Elqosh, established in 1949, occupies part of the village site. Netu'a, founded in 1966, Mattat, founded in 1979 and Abbirim, founded in 1980, are also on village land. Netu'a is near the neighboring village of al-Mansura. [4]

The Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi described the remaining structures on the village land in 1992: "A few stone houses still are used as residences or warehouses by the inhabitants of Elqosh. The debris of destroyed houses is strewn over the site. The school building stands deserted. Fig and olive trees and cactuses grow on the site."[4]

In 2004, the "ruins of the village were removed by mechanical equipment."[5]

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Dayro Moreno

Dayro Mauricio Moreno Galindo (born 16 September 1985 in Chicoral, Tolima, Colombia) is a Colombian footballer who plays as a striker for Steaua Bucureşti. He previously played for Once Caldas and Clube Atlético Paranaense on loan.

Club career

Once Caldas

Steaua Bucureşti

Dayro Moreno alongside team-mate and fellow countryman Juan Toja during half-time in a match between Steaua and Pandurii.

Dayro Moreno alongside team-mate and fellow countryman Juan Toja during half-time in a match between Steaua and Pandurii.

Steaua II Bucureşti

International career

International goals

# Date Venue Opponent Score Result Competition
1. November 20, 2007 El Campín, Bogotá, Colombia 2-1 Win 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONMEBOL)


Season Club Title
2003 Once Caldas Colombian Professional Football
2004 Once Caldas Copa Libertadores

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Dayron Robles

Dayron Robles (born 19 November 1986 in Guantánamo, Cuba) is a hurdler who holds the current 110 metre hurdles world record of 12.87 seconds, which he set on June 12, 2008 at the Golden Spike Ostrava meet,[1] and is the current Olympic champion.


At the 2006 World Indoor Championships in Moscow he finished second with a new personal best time (indoor) of 7.46 seconds, a time which he has since improved to 7.33 s, making him the second-fastest ever indoors, behind Colin Jackson.[2][3]

At the 2008 World Indoor Championships in Valencia he didn't advance from the heats due to fact that he stopped running, thinking that fellow hurdler Liu Xiang had made a false start. This was great disappointment for Robles, who had posted nine of the 11 fastest times of the winter season and was a favorite for winning the gold medal.[4]

At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, many anticipated a Robles/Liu showdown in the final, but Liu was forced to pull out injured in the opening heat due to tendinitis.[5] Robles went on to comfortably win the gold medal, posting a time of 12.93 s in the final.[6]

During the 2009 IAAF World Championships, Dayron Robles was forced out of the competition, not finishing his semi-final because of muscular injury.


Personal bests

Event Time (seconds) Venue Date
50 metres hurdles 6.39 Stockholm, Sweden 21 February 2008
60 metres hurdles 7.33 Düsseldorf, Germany 8 February 2008
110 metres hurdles 12.87
World Record
World Record
Ostrava, Czech Republic 12 June 2008

Competition record

Year Tournament Venue Result Extra
2003 World Youth Championships Sherbrooke, Canada 6th 110 m hurdles
2004 World Junior Championships Grosseto, Italy 2nd 110 m hurdles
2005 Central American and Caribbean Championships Nassau, Bahamas 2nd 110 m hurdles
2006 World Indoor Championships Moscow, Russia 2nd 60 m hurdles, 7.46 s PB
2006 Central American and Caribbean Games Cartagena, Colombia 1st 110 m hurdles, 13.12 s CR
2007 Panamerican Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1st 110 m hurdles, 13.25 s
2007 World Championships in Athletics Osaka, Japan 4th 110 m hurdles, 13.15 s
2007 IAAF World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany 1st 110 m hurdles, 12.92 s CR
2008 2008 Golden Spike Meet Ostrava, Czech Republic 1st 110 m hurdles, 12.87 s WR
2008 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China 1st 110 m hurdles, 12.93 s


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